Celebrating Lionel is a short film that was made for a university typography brief. Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, professional sport has been largely played behind closed doors without fans. During these times it is easy for fans to feel disconnected from who they support since they are unable to physically attend and watch. Celebrating Lionel is a film that works to cross this bridge and remind fans that the memories of Messi's career will live forever.
Using typography I wanted to express Lionel's journey, showing that it's not as flashy as some might think. Maintaining world class success for over 10 years is a very demanding job which requires a huge work ethic. I'd like to show this through gritty and energetic type integrated with imagery of Messi to help sell the narrative of his career. Described as an artist and magician, I want to reflect the type of player that he is through contrasting fonts, showing his humble beginnings and romantic career with Barcelona. 
The script for this was taken from an Adidas ad (There Will Be Haters, 2015).
Below are the style frames that I developed in pre production. I think they work well in that they all use a consistent style with varied layouts to keep things interesting despite the script repeating the same words a lot. 

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